Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello All,

If you are planning a trip to Uganda congrats and you should definitely go....it is a wonderful and beautiful place with many amazing people. If you are planning that trip through teach and tour sojourners be careful. The man who runs the organization seems very friendly and nice but if you stay any length of time you begin to realize there are some strange things going on. I was working with the organization at the end of 2009 for four months and in that time the following things happened: many services promised were not given, my email was accessed by somebody from Teach and Tour Sojourners and one of the business partners told me it was deleted, three of the women workers were not being paid and I ended up giving my rent money to them to get them paid off after I found out about it, one woman told me he was sexually harassing her, his business partner told me another young woman working with them in the past had accused him also, does not take very good care of guests unless they yelled or begged him for something (like a bed net or to go to the doctor). Be careful if you choose to work with him. He is very friendly but lies about strange things (told us he had a fiancee and a son but had neither) and doesn't take care of equipment even when he was receiving thousands of U.S. dollars (we had 11 flat tires in three weeks). I know some people who stayed for only a couple of weeks and had a good experience (although they had many of the same complaints that I did). I thought about not posting this information but just felt people had a right to know and then they could make their own decision. The last time I posted he also posted saying I wanted to have an improper and inappropriate relationship with him. This is untrue and offensive. He will most likely post something else negative about me but please just be careful.